The City of Oakland is working to mitigate climate change and build residents’ resilience through a variety of pathways, with an emphasis on the BIPOC and frontline communities who are most likely to experience the most frequent and severe disruptions under the status quo. In order to prevent the worst impacts of climate change and build BIPOC and frontline communities’ ability to cope with and overcome shocks and stresses, the City of Oakland has committed to the Oakland 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP). 

The City of Oakland will partner with FUSE to further advance its equitable resilience goals. The FUSE Executive Fellow will update the Sea Level Rise Road Map, provide additional analytical and facilitation support towards Oakland’s comprehensive vulnerability and adaptation planning, and research and design a local carbon offset program to keep revenues from carbon offset purchases in the community based on this planning. As a result of this work, Oakland’s BIPOC and frontline communities will be better protected from climate change and better able to cope with unexpected shocks and stresses.