The community of Durham aims to address the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promoting environmental justice for historically disinvested communities. By partnering with FUSE, Durham plans to develop and execute a strategic plan to equitably electrify the city’s fleet and personal vehicles, focusing on expanding access to EV charging stations in underserved communities. FUSE Executive Fellow Michael MacHarg will play a crucial role in achieving these goals by conducting a comprehensive listening tour, researching successful program models, assisting in developing an EV Strategic Plan, and acting as a liaison between the City, stakeholders, consultants, and private partners during program implementation. His work will contribute to decreasing GHG emissions, addressing disparities, and promoting environmental justice while exploring opportunities for new public-private partnerships.

During the year-long Fellowship, Michael will collaborate with city, community, and private stakeholders to research, recommend, and implement a strategy to achieve Durham’s vehicle electrification goals by 2030. He will conduct a listening tour to gather information on current EV infrastructure, transportation electrification demand, public-private partnerships, community needs, and regional plans. Special emphasis will be given to prioritizing high-risk, historically disinvested communities. Furthermore, Michael will research successful programs worldwide to identify best practices and lessons learned. Using the collected information, he will assist in designing an effective Vehicle Electrification Strategic Plan, which includes expanding charging station accessibility, developing policies and strategies, incentivizing EV adoption, and implementing marketing and outreach strategies. Michael will establish implementation frameworks, track goals, collaborate with stakeholders, prioritize projects based on community needs, and ensure long-term funding and sustainability of the plan.