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Debbie Allen

DEBBIE ALLEN has more than 25 years of experience in criminal and juvenile justice and crime victims services. Previously, she helped establish a Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and an Information Sharing Ecosystem in the Denver metro area. She also worked for the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission and as staff development...

Bringing Equity to the Forefront of Local Justice Systems

Bridging the gap between criminal justice and behavioral health in St. Louis.

Communities of Color Should Not Need to Protest

Our nation needs to understand how individual acts of racism are a reflection of systemic acts of racism.

St. Louis’ New Criminal Justice Council Has 1 Goal — Get Everyone To The Table

A new bill will create the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, which brings together stakeholders to share ideas about improvements to the criminal justice system. The council has been...

Mayor Krewson Recruits FUSE Fellows to Advance Criminal Justice Reform

Two new executive fellows, Debbie Allen and Wilford Pinkney, have joined Mayor Lyda Krewson’s administration to work on initiatives aimed at advancing criminal justice reform in the City...

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