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FUSE Executie Fellowship – General Application

The FUSE Executive Fellowship is an opportunity to develop and implement unique solutions to a community’s most pressing challenges. For 12 months, FUSE Executive Fellows work within local government to bring innovative approaches to a specific project. Each fellowship is designed to leverage private-sector experience to deliver results that have...

Savannah’s Innovative Approach to Mobility and Housing Equity

The SMART project in Chatham County enhances community resilience by improving transportation connectivity in historically disadvantaged areas. Chatham County is partnering with FUSE to address gaps in transportation, homelessness, and affordable housing, aiming to improve microtransit policy development in the...

Creating Resilience in Communities for a More Sustainable Future

These 13 Fall 2023 Executive Fellows are ready to support Cities and Counties in Ohio, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah to build resilient programs, systems, and infrastructures for a more sustainable future for all!

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