Our projects encompass a broad spectrum, from enhancing childcare solutions and early education offerings to promoting STEM programs and enriching out-of-school-time activities. By collaborating with local governments, we strive to increase post-secondary enrollment and make higher education more affordable for all. With a belief that every learning phase is crucial, FUSE is committed to paving the way for comprehensive educational experiences, ensuring every individual is empowered with opportunities for lifelong growth and success.
Inspiring a Movement for Children
Christine’s fellowship focused on scaling The Children’s Movement of Californian a sustainable manner. Christine began the practice of capturing social media metrics monthly and providing a report of the results. She assumed the day-to-day management of the Children Now social media accounts, as well as trained other staff members on... Read more
Driving Continuous Improvement of Public Education
Laurel worked in Office of Governor Jack Markell of Delaware, where she built the infrastructure to ensure that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education reached every student in the state. She worked on developing and implementing systems and routines to ensure successful completion of major STEM initiatives. She identified... Read more
Building a Movement for Children
FUSE Executive Fellow Noelle Galperin helped Children Now in Oakland build a diverse coalition of organizations to focus California executives and legislators on the needs of children. She contributed to the development of the movement’s strategy plan and established alliances and engaged elected officials to scale the movement’s work. In... Read more
Uniting Stakeholders to Build a Safe, Healthy, and Educational Life for D.C.’s Children
FUSE Executive Fellow Lisa Gans focused on changing the strategic approach of the Washington D.C. Promise Neighborhoods Initiative (DCPNI), a local coalition providing youth development support to ensure that children in the Parkside/Kenilworth neighborhood reach adulthood ready to participate in the economic and civic life of their community. During her... Read more
Building a National Network of Business and Education Coalitions to Improve the Lives of Local Youth
Paul worked with the senior leadership team at America's Promise Alliance to define, engage, and mobilize a national network of business and education leaders to improve all phases of children's lives from birth through high school. His research surfaced that more than 400 local and statewide organizations exist to link... Read more