By innovating and reshaping key areas like policing, 911 dispatching, bail procedures, sentencing, probation, and reentry, FUSE projects empower local governments to instill more equitable and just practices.

Our initiatives pave the way for a criminal justice system that prioritizes public safety and every individual's inherent dignity, ensuring a balanced approach that fosters trust and community resilience.
Implementing a Robust Restorative Justice Program in Travis County
The Travis County District Attorney (DA) is at the forefront of efforts to dismantle our nation’s endemic over-reliance on incarceration and reimagine and reconceptualize local systems of justice permanently. In just the last few months, the County and DA have worked to bring the jail population down by about 300... Read more
Systematically Deploying Federal Funds to Combat Racial Inequities
The City of Kansas City, Missouri (KC) has experienced immense growth over the last decade. However, the Covid-19 pandemic now threatens this advancement, leaving KC’s low-income and Black residents particularly vulnerable to both the economic and health fallouts of the crisis. With this in mind, City leaders have, and are,... Read more
Building an Equity-Driven and Culturally Responsive Government Through Authentic Community Engagement
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota moved to the national spotlight as city leaders responded to the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man who was fatally shot during a traffic stop at the height of the Derek Chauvin trial, sparking successive days of protests earlier this year. City leaders have... Read more
Using Data to Enhance Transformative Public Safety Reforms
In the City of Brooklyn Center, a small, working-class city just outside of Minneapolis, the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, at a traffic stop in the suburb this spring sparked successive days of protest and demands for the city to examine new approaches to public safety... Read more
Advancing Citywide Systems to Operationalize Racial Equity Initiatives
Durham city officials are committed to advancing racial equity in partnership with residents. To start the process, city officials created a Racial Equity Task Force, which, in June of 2020, submitted An Urgent and Loving Call to Action, a report highlighting recommendations for improving racial inequities related to wealth, the... Read more