Through strategic collaboration, these initiatives harness innovative solutions and practices to bridge gaps in healthcare access. By aligning with local governments, FUSE ensures that affordable health care and essential mental health resources reach the communities that need them most, effectively fostering healthier, more resilient populations.
Making Los Angeles the World’s Leading Region for Supporting an Aging Population
Los Angeles County is already home to a large population of older adults; by 2030, more than 2 million people — more than 18 percent of the L.A. County population — will be older adults. This wave of demographic change prompted local leaders to create a program called Purposeful Aging... Read more
Working to Reduce Racial Health Inequities
Birmingham recognizes that social determinants of health — including the built environment of neighborhoods, such as environmental hazards, access to green space, walkability, and more — are major factors in health inequities across the city. To address this, the Department of Planning, Engineering, and Permits developed a Health Community Assessment... Read more
Addressing Health Inequities Related to Virus Prevention and Treatment
Atlanta is navigating a dual-pandemic, with city leaders focused on combating the spread of Covid-19 while also battling the continued spread of HIV/AIDS in pockets of communities. The HIV/AIDs pandemic has infected one out of every 51 Atlanta residents, and of those infected, 66 percent are Black. The Covid-19 health... Read more
Targeting Health Inequities for Black Residents
The New Orleans Health Department (NOHD) recently conducted a comprehensive community health assessment to gain an inclusive picture of the health status of residents. The assessment revealed five main social determinants of health — crime and violence, insufficient infrastructure, unhealthy environments, lack of jobs and fair wages, and low-quality and... Read more
Ensuring an Equitable, Effective, and Safe Distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccine
To help protect the health and well-being of Los Angeles County residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) implemented the largest vaccine distribution effort in its history. As the largest U.S. county, L.A. County’s vaccine equity efforts have been pivotal to the achievement... Read more