The City of Baltimore recognizes the unique opportunity to address longstanding health inequities in a way that simultaneously creates wealth-building opportunities for its residents. As part of Mayor Scott’s agenda and the City’s strategic investment of federal relief funds, Baltimore is launching innovative programs that create employment pathways while improving residents’ quality of life. Among these programs will be CleanCorps, a new initiative designed to beautify neighborhoods, increase resident employment, and tackle health inequities in underserved communities. 

To support these improved sanitation and workforce development outcomes for Baltimore residents, the Department of Planning will partner with FUSE to maximize the impact of CleanCorps through close partnerships with community-based and city-wide nonprofit organizations. The FUSE Executive Fellow will be a project manager for this effort and provide critical data for implementing strategies in which Baltimore can reduce the long-term need for supplemental cleaning efforts and work towards improved community cleaning as well as increased job creation and community engagement.