Through strategic collaboration, these initiatives harness innovative solutions and practices to bridge gaps in healthcare access. By aligning with local governments, FUSE ensures that affordable health care and essential mental health resources reach the communities that need them most, effectively fostering healthier, more resilient populations.
Leveraging the Power of the Internet for Equal Access
Thomas supported the City of Richmond’s initiative to build an innovative culture in the Department of Social Services. By adopting civic technology and open data he was able to improve service delivery and access to services and information for employees, non-profit partners, and the city's residents. Thomas developed a regional... Read more
Strengthening Emergency Services
The City and County of San Francisco’s Division of Emergency Communications has 160 public safety dispatchers who collectively provide round-the-clock 9-1-1 emergency assistance. To improve the agency’s management of the complex and fluctuating staffing requirements, FUSE executive fellow Marilyn Varnado worked with the agency to reduce staff scheduling challenges and... Read more
Enhancing Patient Care Through Improved Staffing Practices
The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) relies heavily on contract workers, who make up 27 percent of the agency’s workforce. FUSE executive fellow Nichelle Toomire helped the agency understand the associated cost, use, and impact of this workforce, identifying opportunities for efficiencies. She also secured resources for... Read more
Designing Data-Driven Strategy to Improve Public Health
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health – Environmental Health (EH) is responsible for ensuring that food is prepared and served safely for the millions of people who frequent the region’s restaurants and dining halls each year. EH partnered with FUSE executive fellow Mohammad Mehryar to build on the... Read more
Improving Patient Access to Healthcare Services
To improve the patient experience, maximize provider time with patients, and reduce revenue loss from unauthorized services, the Los Angeles Department of Health Services (DHS) recently brought together under one department key functions that facilitate patient access to medical care into unified units within each hospital and clinic. DHS enlisted... Read more