Residents of Long Beach have access to more than 40 programs through the Department of Health and Human Services. These programs address a variety of community health needs, including family planning, HIV care, homelessness, veteran support, and more. But there is no department-wide standard for determining client need or eligibility across programs, or to track a client’s progress once a referral is made. To connect residents to all of the services they need more efficiently, the Department of Health and Human Services is working to streamline the intake process across its various programs. 

FUSE Executive Fellow Kia Gaines developed and launched a pilot to test a common assessment and referral process across 13 of the department’s programs. Kia trained roughly 30 staff members in the use of a web-based application that captures basic client information, which can be used by staff to assess clients’ eligibility for specific programs, as well as their willingness to participate. She also met with staff to collect feedback on the new intake process, which will inform development of technological specifications and vendor selection for a new, fully integrated electronic workflow system. The new system will enable the department to provide a more seamless user experience and ensure that residents are receiving the services they need.