Stockton, CA

Strengthening Affordable Housing Programs for Vulnerable Residents
Stockton, like many cities across the nation, is facing sharply declining levels of affordable housing and a growing number of people experiencing homelessness. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated this crisis. The City is working to alleviate housing insecurity among its residents, including increasing and preserving affordable housing, creating protections for... Read more
Launching the Stockton Promise Initiative to Improve the Lives of Young People
Stockton is working aggressively to help lift residents out of poverty, invest in communities, and empower students to attend and complete college. To that end, the city is taking on two big initiatives: it is the first American city to take on a universal basic income demonstration, and it is... Read more
Supporting Economic Innovation to Boost the City and its Residents
Stockton has been working to ensure that its workforce is prepared for the digital economy. In conjunction with the Mayor’s Office, FUSE executive fellow Ann Rogan helped develop programs that will enhance residents’ professional skills so they can attain sustainable employment. She led the coalition that crafted the city’s Workforce... Read more