Stockton has been working to ensure that its workforce is prepared for the digital economy. In conjunction with the Mayor’s Office, FUSE executive fellow Ann Rogan helped develop programs that will enhance residents’ professional skills so they can attain sustainable employment. She led the coalition that crafted the city’s Workforce Development Action Plan and launched the Mayor’s Skills Taskforce, which acts as a testbed and innovation arm of Stockton’s workforce initiatives. Among other accomplishments, she also brokered strategic public-private partnerships for the city and introduced pilot programs focused on new modes of skill development for residents.

Ann continued to seek ways to develop the local workforce, which included building on the foundations of her previous endeavors and collaborating with businesses to understand their employment needs. She also explored opportunities in the green economy, examining the landscape and piloting partnerships. Additionally, she worked toward encouraging and supporting investments in Stockton’s designated opportunity zones, economically disadvantaged communities in which certain investments are potentially eligible for tax benefits. By developing the local workforce and creating strategic alliances with businesses, Stockton aims to connect workforce needs with economic prosperity for the city and its residents.