The City of Hayward, California, is actively addressing the impacts of climate change, which disproportionately affect its vulnerable populations, such as low-income, the elderly, children, and communities of color. The city, surrounded by the San Francisco Bay and fire-prone hills, faces challenges such as rising sea levels and increased wildfire risks. Committed to mitigating these risks, Hayward has been taking progressive steps toward environmental sustainability and equity. In 2009, Hayward implemented a Climate Action Plan (CAP) to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and an updated CAP was drawn in 2022 to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. This revised plan prioritizes using clean energy, alternative transportation, waste reduction, and water conservation.

To implement transportation-related strategies outlined in the new CAP and Local Road Safety Plan, the City of Hayward is partnering with FUSE beginning in October 2023. FUSE Executive Fellow Fred A. Clay will help procure funding and initiate the implementation of transportation-related action items, helping the City to reduce community-wide GHG emissions while focusing on racial equity. The Fellowship will encompass a listening tour to understand community perspectives, the development of educational materials to promote city transportation initiatives, and research on securing funding opportunities for CAP activities. Specific strategies include adopting a micro-mobility policy, promoting active transportation methods, implementing a Transportation Demand Management Plan, expanding public transportation, and promoting e-bike rebates. These measures aim to ensure that Hayward reaches its climate action goals, promoting cleaner air, healthy homes, and safe transportation options for all its residents.