Pittsburgh is home to many strong industries and education institutions, but the pathway to high-paying jobs for local students is not always clear. To offer guidance, the city already provides several career and technical education opportunities that prepare residents for promising careers. At Westinghouse Academy, for example, the Pittsburgh Public Schools district operates an Emergency Response Technology program, in which students can gain entry-level skills, dual enrollment credit, and certifications in first responder roles. But city officials realize that creating more opportunities to ensure youth have clear pathways to high-paying careers will require greater coordination among key stakeholders. This includes connecting local employers, schools, and families to establish formal partnerships that could help make it easier for students to remain in the city. 

To support this work, Pittsburgh will partner with FUSE Executive Fellow Ronald Perkins for one year to build an infrastructure that ensures students who complete training programs are connected to high-paying careers with local employers, offering residents the chance for upward mobility.