Pittsburgh, PA

Connecting Pittsburgh’s Youth to High-Paying Careers
Pittsburgh is home to many strong industries and education institutions, but the pathway to high-paying jobs for local students is not always clear. To offer guidance, the city already provides several career and technical education opportunities that prepare residents for promising careers. At Westinghouse Academy, for example, the Pittsburgh Public... Read more
Evaluating Community Policing Strategies to Build Safer Communities
During the last decade, Pittsburgh has experienced a significant drop in violent crime. But in areas where violence persists, including on Pittsburgh’s Northside, historical distrust of authorities has made policing more challenging. Recognizing the need for community engagement to address crime and rebuild trust, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police (PBP)... Read more
Transforming Public Housing to Provide Better Services for Residents
The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP) is working to improve outcomes for residents in need of housing and social services. To support this effort, the agency recruited FUSE executive fellow Della Williams, who helped the city expand and improve wraparound support to Pittsburghers in need of housing.... Read more
Expanding Workforce Opportunities in the New Economy
The City of Pittsburgh has evolved into an emergent innovation hub, a testament to the resilience of an economy that just a few decades ago was almost entirely dependent on steel. At the same time, Pittsburgh faces an unprecedented labor shortfall, with too few skilled workers to meet anticipated demand.... Read more
Developing a Strategic Plan for Clean, Safe, and Functional Public Facilities
The City of Pittsburgh is working to update facilities in its recreation and park infrastructure, including public safety buildings, recreation and senior centers, and more than 4,600 acres of parkland, to meet the city’s evolving needs. FUSE executive fellow Chris Hornstein worked with the city’s Office of the Mayor to... Read more