The City of Durham is committed to investing in and engaging with historically excluded low-wealth and communities of color through the Equitable and Green Infrastructure Program (EGI). The City plans to deploy infrastructure solutions that address disparities and promote environmental justice, including $50 million worth of potential projects in 2021. The City is reevaluating its approach to waste reduction and circular economy, which currently requires residents to have personal vehicles to access waste disposal services, leading to racial and economic disparities. Durham envisions building an Ecopark that promotes waste reduction and reuse and recycling, creates employment opportunities, and addresses long-term waste management needs. 

Durham will partner with FUSE to assess the build-out of the Ecopark based on local data, community input, and potential funding streams. FUSE Executive Fellow Kathleen Hunt will work to engage stakeholders, analyze potential models, and compile and analyze data to design an Ecopark that meets Durham’s goals and constraints. Kathleen will also support the development of communication strategies to educate the public and generate support for the project.