In response to the deeply rooted challenges of racial segregation, economic disparity, and limited life opportunities faced by residents in Atlanta, Mayor Andre Dickens has launched a transformative initiative to make the city the best place in the country to raise a child. Recognizing the need for immediate and direct intervention, the administration has established the Office of the Chief Policy Officer to address longstanding equity issues. The City has partnered with FUSE to enhance its resilience, sustainability, and urban equity efforts.

Beginning in April 2024, FUSE Executive Fellow Shannon Jolly will embark on a comprehensive project involving stakeholder engagement, a review of best practices, and the development and application of an urban resilience framework. By April 2025, Jolly aims to establish values-driven partnerships, integrate resilience into mayoral initiatives, and promote cross-sectoral collaborations. The ultimate goal is to create a more equitable, systematic, and impactful approach to urban resilience that addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by Atlanta’s residents, particularly those in historically underinvested neighborhoods.