Fort Worth, Texas, faces challenges from rapid growth and development, resulting in the loss of 50 acres of open space each week and increased flood risks. The City has launched the Open Space Conservation Program and partnered with FUSE to analyze and benchmark riparian corridor preservation regulations to address this. The City Council aims to promote responsible long-term growth by adopting sustainable measures and preserving natural areas, including riparian habitats, which provide environmental benefits and recreational opportunities and support economic development.

Starting in October 2023, FUSE Executive Fellow AJ Prebensen will conduct comprehensive research on riparian area regulations. He will evaluate Fort Worth’s current policies, study practices implemented by peer cities and exemplar communities, and engage with stakeholders to gather diverse perspectives. The findings will inform a draft ordinance amendment, recommended for adoption by the City Plan Commission and City Council, enabling Fort Worth to establish effective regulations and policies that protect riparian corridors while accommodating future development needs.