Jacksonville and nearby North Florida communities are growing rapidly while seeking to reduce pollution and emissions. FUSE Executive Fellow Judy Holm will collaborate with regional leaders to assess greenhouse gas emissions and prioritize sustainable development and climate resilience projects. This work aims to support the area’s population and economic growth while ensuring long-term environmental sustainability and climate resilience.

Commencing in October 2023, Judy will collaborate with the Public Works, Parks, and Planning Departments to establish a consistent and uniform approach to climate-resilient infrastructure design in Jacksonville. This will involve conducting a listening tour, analyzing current design standards, and identifying areas for improvement that can benefit the city’s communities. She will also research successful design models nationwide and incorporate scientific knowledge and best practices. Ultimately, the project aims to produce a Climate Resilient Design Guidelines document that provides guidance on robust design, material selection, construction techniques, and maintenance practices. By overseeing the implementation of these guidelines and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, Judy endeavors to reduce the need for costly repairs, replacements, and disruptions caused by climate-related hazards, thereby ensuring a more resilient future for Jacksonville.