Serving 4 million businesses and residents in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is the largest municipal water and power utility in America. A 2017 partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory yielded the comprehensive LA100 study. The study analyzed potential community pathways to achieving a 100% clean energy future, and its findings formed the basis of L.A.’s Green New Deal. LADWP is currently working towards an 80% renewable and 97% carbon free grid by 2030, and 100% carbon free energy by 2035. However, achieving these decarbonization objectives will require shifts both at the energy consumer and energy producer level.

Electrification in the built environment provides one route to achieving these goals, but LADWP leadership recognizes the need to first convene and educate diverse stakeholders on building electrification. LADWP will partner with FUSE to raise stakeholder awareness and knowledge around the electrification of the built environment and to create a program strategy and framework for the implementation of an electrification initiative. The FUSE Executive Fellow will organize diverse stakeholder focus groups and workshops, establish demand profiles and demographic data, and will report on these findings. Additionally, the Executive Fellow will research best practices, establish benchmarks, and assist in building out a set of tools for program implementation. These efforts will ensure that an electrification program supporting decarbonization is welcomed by and delivers direct benefits to Angelenos across the income spectrum.