The City of Los Angeles aims to realize its SmartLA 2028 vision, ensuring equitable access to technology, economic opportunities, and public services. The initiative acknowledges the digital disparities prevalent in the city, particularly affecting marginalized communities. To address this, the Mayor’s Office collaborates with FUSE to develop a comprehensive Digital Inclusion Strategic Plan. Starting in April 2024, Executive Fellow Kristen Abraham will engage key stakeholders, conduct research on best practices, and comprehensively understand the city’s digital landscape.

The strategic plan, to be completed by April 2025, will offer a practical guide for digital equity work, emphasizing data analysis, stakeholder mapping, community outreach, and collaboration. A recurring community survey will be designed to gather residents’ input regularly, ensuring ongoing relevance. Extensive community engagement will ground the plan’s truth, aligning it with the lived realities of those at risk of digital exclusion. Through these initiatives, the City aims to empower all Angelenos, regardless of background, neighborhood, or income level, to seize digital opportunities effectively.