Responsive Government

Supporting LA County’s Transformation into an Actively Anti-Racist Institution
The pandemic highlighted systemic racism in Los Angeles County, particularly in communities of color. The government has committed to not just recovering from COVID-19 but also transforming the system entirely. The Board of Supervisors has declared racism a public health emergency and established an Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Equity (ARDI) Initiative... Read more
Measuring & Monitoring Progress Towards Anti-Racism in Libraries
In 2017, the Los Angeles County Library launched the iCount initiative, which aimed to remove barriers to access and address inequality across the system. In 2020, the LAC Chief Executive Office launched the county-wide Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiative (ARDI), which has enhanced the library’s commitment to anti-racism and the... Read more
Safeguarding Transgender Rights and Resources
Data from the UCLA School of Law- Williams Institute estimates that 57,200 people in the state of Georgia - or 0.67% of the state’s population - identify as transgender and transgender gender non-conforming, making it home to the thirteenth largest population of transgender people in the country as a percentage... Read more
Implementing a Framework to Advance Racial Equity in Milwaukee County
It is the unfortunate reality that every American metropolitan area struggles with income inequality, concentrated poverty, unequal incarceration rates, disparate health outcomes, and poor overall quality of life for people of color. Milwaukee is not unique in the comprehensive issues faced by its communities of color, now the majority population... Read more
Developing Equity-Centered Policies to Reduce Harmful Greenhouse Gas Emissions
The City of Kansas City, like many cities throughout the US, is experiencing the impacts of climate change like never before– through increased temperatures, increased periods of drought, and more frequent flooding. Kansas City generates 18 tons of greenhouse gasses per person (three times the world average). In the early... Read more