The Salt Lake City, UT, community is working to implement a Comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CCAP) to address the negative impacts of rapidly changing climate conditions. One of their goals is to assess workforce-related challenges and opportunities in key climate-related sectors and identify potential solutions and partners. To accomplish this, Salt Lake City will partner with FUSE and Executive Fellow Nathan Chai to conduct a listening tour to understand stakeholder perspectives, conduct a landscape analysis to identify workforce shortages and solutions, and produce a Workforce Planning Analysis Summary Report. He will also engage in stakeholder outreach and engagement to ensure program success, ultimately helping Salt Lake City reduce climate pollution, develop a clean energy economy, and provide equitable green job opportunities for all residents.

Chai will be crucial in executing workforce planning and analysis tasks outlined in the CCAP. He will conduct a listening tour to gather stakeholder insights, including community members, city agencies, and private partners. This will help identify priorities and concerns related to workforce development opportunities and barriers in the climate and environmental sector, focusing on historically disinvested communities and communities of color. Chai will then conduct a landscape analysis to identify anticipated workforce shortages and potential state, regional, and local solutions. The findings will be summarized in a Workforce Planning Analysis Summary Report, outlining workforce gaps, opportunities, community priorities, barriers, and potential solutions. Chai will also work on building relationships with stakeholders and establishing a partnership network to support workforce development activities. Stakeholder outreach events will be organized to inform the community about workforce opportunities and barriers and foster long-term community buy-in. Additionally, Chai will ensure that community needs, perspectives, and equity considerations are central to all their work, and they will build staff knowledge within the organization to ensure the program’s success. By the end of the Fellowship, Chai will have completed the listening tour and landscape analysis, produced the planning summary report, and established partner relationships while promoting community engagement and knowledge sharing.