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Mica L. Williams

MICA L. WILLIAMS blends justice advocacy and policy research to champion vulnerable populations. Her recent work includes supporting Black and LGBTQ communities through legislative tracking and policy drafting at New Voices Pittsburgh; supporting incarcerated women’s rights at Women’s Law Project; and assisting ACLU-PA’s school-to-prison pipeline initiative. Previously, Mica conducted state...

Evaluating Pilot Community-Based Policing in Pittsburgh, PA

As a FUSE Executive Fellow, Mica L. Williams (2019-20) worked with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police to evaluate a pilot community-based policing unit. As part of this work, Mica developed strategic recommendations for improving and replicating the model throughout the...

We Can Work Together. History Tells Me So

Perspectives from a FUSE fellow who worked with law enforcement professionals and the Black community they serve.

Dedicating a Year to Public Service

What made these talented professionals switch gears and work with civic organizations?

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