Economic Development

Biogas plant in rural area at sunset converting organic waste into bioenergy. Concept Bioenergy, Rural Development, Sustainable Technology, Renewable Energy, Environmental Conservation
Monetizing Renewable Energy Investments
In the context of New York City's ambitious environmental goals, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is spearheading initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and divert all waste from landfills by 2030. Key among these efforts is the exploration of renewable energy and resource recovery projects within the water... Read more
Twilight descends on the 6th Street Bridge as it passes through Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA.
Advancing Equitable and Sustainable Street Permitting
The City of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA) is collaborating with FUSE to enhance the Investigation and Enforcement Division (IED), addressing the challenge of processing a large volume of permit applications with limited resources. IED, responsible for municipal safety enforcement and environmental protection, struggles to adequately analyze the... Read more