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Piedmont Park Atlanta
Enabling Resilience Capabilities Across Atlanta
In response to the deeply rooted challenges of racial segregation, economic disparity, and limited life opportunities faced by residents in Atlanta, Mayor Andre Dickens has launched a transformative initiative to make the city the best place in the country to raise a child. Recognizing the need for immediate and direct... Read more
A man in a wheelchair working on a laptop
Strategic Planning for Digital Inclusion
The City of Los Angeles aims to realize its SmartLA 2028 vision, ensuring equitable access to technology, economic opportunities, and public services. The initiative acknowledges the digital disparities prevalent in the city, particularly affecting marginalized communities. To address this, the Mayor’s Office collaborates with FUSE to develop a comprehensive Digital... Read more
Business Intelligence for Sustainable Community Revitalization
In response to the pervasive issues of blighted properties affecting neighborhoods and economies, the City of Cleveland is embarking on a transformative initiative. With 30% of the city’s land in public hands, the aim is to convert vacant brownfields into accessible jobs, capitalizing on Cleveland’s industrial heritage. FUSE Executive Fellow... Read more
Los Angeles and Palm Trees Sunset
Economic Assessment of Extreme Heat Toolkit
In response to the escalating urban heat crisis in Los Angeles exacerbated by climate change, the City, in collaboration with FUSE, is implementing the Extreme Heat Toolkit. The project addresses the disproportionate impact of heat waves on marginalized neighborhoods. The initiative, led by StreetsLA, involves a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of... Read more
Beautiful view of LA river with 6th street bridge against sunset
Equitable Redevelopment of Public Green Spaces
The City of Los Angeles embarked on the LA River Revitalization Master Plan in 2007, transforming the Los Angeles River into a vibrant and accessible space. The 100 Acre Partnership, a collaboration between the City, California Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, focuses on... Read more
Eco-friendly building in the modern city. Sustainable glass office building with trees for reducing heat and carbon dioxide. Office building with green environment. Corporate building reduce CO2.
Curbing Commercial Energy Use Through Equitable Legislation Design
New Orleans is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving building energy efficiency. It has successfully reduced energy use in its City buildings and launched the Downtown Energy Challenge. Despite restrictions on regulating natural gas use in private buildings, the City aims to lead by example and encourage others... Read more
Generative AI illustration of underground sewer tunnel
Increasing Resilience to Extreme Weather Events
The community of Cincinnati is seeking to address the increasing risks posed by extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change, such as flooding and sewer backups. These events cost the city millions of dollars annually and disproportionately affect the health and well-being of underserved communities. The City of Cincinnati aims... Read more
Smoking chimneys of a coal fired power plant. Global warming. The problem of ecology.
Reducing Greenhouse Emissions Through Community Engagement
The Washoe County, NV, community is addressing the negative impacts of climate change and the inequitable effects on vulnerable populations through its "Green Recovery Plan." This plan aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air pollution while addressing the public health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially... Read more
Austin Texas, Fall Colors
Planning for Climate Resilience and Extreme Weather Events
Travis County, Texas's fifth largest county, faces many climate emergencies and weather hazards. The frequency of 100-degree days has doubled in the last 40 years, and extreme rainfall, flooding, and drought risks have escalated. These climate hazards threaten all residents, particularly low-income families, older adults, and non-English speakers. The county's... Read more
Double exposure of lush green forest and modern skyscrapers windows of building. Green city concept. Generative ai.
Addressing Extreme Heat Through Urban Forestry
The City of Jacksonville, FL, is experiencing the devastating effects of climate change and urban heat island (UHI), leading to more frequent and intense heat waves. These heat waves significantly threaten public health and infrastructure stability, especially in historically disinvested communities that face intersecting vulnerabilities. Jacksonville is partnering with FUSE... Read more