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Savannah’s Innovative Approach to Mobility and Housing Equity

The SMART project in Chatham County enhances community resilience by improving transportation connectivity in historically disadvantaged areas. Chatham County is partnering with FUSE to address gaps in transportation, homelessness, and affordable housing, aiming to improve microtransit policy development in the region through collaboration with Chatham Area Transit (CAT), academic institutions, and industry experts. In this … Continued

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Empower Communities for a Greener Future in Salt Lake City

As Salt Lake City sets its sights on a cleaner, more sustainable future, it is crucial to recognize that this transformation must be inclusive, ensuring historically excluded communities are at the forefront of the city’s green workforce development strategy. Climate change and air pollution have disproportionately affected Black, Indigenous, and communities of color. They must … Continued

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How San Leandro Plans to Build Resilience Through Community Engagement

The City of San Leandro is focused on building residents’ resilience to climate change through inclusive, community-driven pathways. As part of this strategy, it aims to plant 5,000 trees on both public and private property and engage local community organizations to become resilience hubs. In this partner highlight, we interviewed Hoi-Fei Mok, the sustainability manager … Continued