Our jobs and workforce development projects center on amplifying living-wage job opportunities, ensuring everyone can secure a stable and dignified livelihood. Recognizing the ever-evolving landscape of the employment sector, we also emphasize the importance of preparing for tomorrow's workplace. Through expanded job training programs in collaboration with local governments, FUSE ensures that individuals are not only equipped for the jobs of today but are also adeptly poised to navigate the dynamic future of work.
Applying Human-Centered Design to Improve Workforce Services
The Los Angeles County Department of Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) provides services to connect the most historically vulnerable populations in the County with high-quality jobs and careers. FUSE Executive Fellow Patrick Koppula applied a human-centered design approach to help WDACS integrate and deliver services at key moments... Read more
Building Infrastructure and Capacity for L.A.’s Next Wave of Tourism
In response to the more than 50 million visitors who arrive in Los Angeles each year, the city’s Department of Convention & Tourism Development (CTD) is working on a master plan for tourism. The first long-term strategic plan around tourism ever undertaken by the city, it addresses infrastructure, capacity, and... Read more
Developing Library Leadership to Strengthen Community Services
A significant number of the Los Angeles Public Library’s (LAPL’s) more than 1,500 employees are nearing retirement. To prepare for this eventuality, LAPL sought to create a development plan that would foster creative, forward-looking leaders who can leverage new capabilities and improve community responsiveness. To address these goals, FUSE Executive... Read more
Investing in Economic Inclusion to Unlock Broad-Based Growth
Racial and ethnic minorities comprise nearly 70 percent of Long Beach residents, and many of them are small business owners. Supporting these entrepreneurs is a critical part of the city’s 10-year economic plan. The Economic Development Department enlisted FUSE executive fellow Daniel Han to help connect minority and women entrepreneurs... Read more
Spurring Community-Oriented Redevelopment in Indianapolis’s Far Eastside
The Far Eastside of Indianapolis is facing stigma, disinvestment, and economic stagnation. To help address this situation, the Mayor’s Office, the Central Indiana Community Foundation, and the Finish Line Foundation engaged FUSE Executive Fellow Lisa Marie Gala to help identify strategies and best practices for revitalization.  After an extensive landscape... Read more