The City of Pittsburgh is working to update facilities in its recreation and park infrastructure, including public safety buildings, recreation and senior centers, and more than 4,600 acres of parkland, to meet the city’s evolving needs. FUSE executive fellow Chris Hornstein worked with the city’s Office of the Mayor to address critical infrastructure needs, identify opportunities for infrastructure transformation, and develop recommendations and solutions for continued maintenance and care.

Working with stakeholders, Chris identified opportunities for facility improvements, augmenting knowledge and capacity through cross-departmental collaboration, and strengthening data collection systems to automate facilities maintenance. These strategies led to information sharing between the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Public Works and the City Council, enabling the city to more accurately develop capital budget estimates. Chris’s work supported the acquisition and disposition of major property, and helped improve the city’s responsiveness to maintenance issues. As a result of Chris’s efforts, the city has a more robust and responsive facilities management system that will improve efficiency and quality of life for the residents of Pittsburgh.