Population growth, environmental concerns, and technological innovation are transforming how people get around in the city of St. Paul. To get ahead of these advances and ensure that the benefits of modern transportation are shared by all residents, the city’s Public Works department hired FUSE executive fellow Julie Sell. 

Julie helped develop a plan for an integrated transportation system that leverages emerging mobility solutions such as ride-sharing and smart technology. She engaged with key stakeholders to assess department planning processes, the existing mobility landscape, and perceived gaps and opportunities. Several priorities emerged from these conversations, including the need to expand pedestrian access, bus transit, and light rail; provide residents with a range of transportation options to choose from; and reduce disparities in mobility access, especially in lower-income areas of the city. Julie developed recommendations to address these priorities, emphasizing the need for cross-sector partnerships that can help the city overcome resource constraints. Because of Julie’s work, residents of St. Paul are poised to benefit more fully from new mobility solutions.