Kansas City, Missouri - city in the United States. Downtown skyline.
Human Rights and the FIFA World Cup
Kansas City, Missouri, is preparing to host the FIFA Men's World Cup in 2026 and recognizes the importance of addressing potential human rights impacts that may arise from the tournament. The City is establishing a Human Rights Advisory Council to support this effort, which will work closely with FIFA officials.... Read more
Green Transportation For The World Cup & Beyond
In June 2022, FIFA (the international body that governs professional soccer) announced that Kansas City, MO would host the 2026 World Cup. Kansas City has four years to prepare for a large influx of visitors from around the world. A core component of the KC2026 bid was sustainability: they want... Read more
Dismantling Barriers to Homeownership Through Innovative Programs and Policies
For many Americans, the dream of owning a home – often considered the best way to build wealth in this country – is increasingly out of reach and unaffordable. In Kansas City, for many residents, this is the reality. While over 50% of Kansas City residents own their homes, there... Read more
Building a Cohesive Network of Violence Prevention and Intervention Programming in Kansas City
Over the past year, the United States has seen the collision of two major public health crises – Covid-19 and gun violence. Unfortunately, Kansas City has seen the deadly impact of these crises firsthand. Despite some efforts by community groups and government agencies, Kansas City struggles with violent crime and... Read more
Systematically Deploying Federal Funds to Combat Racial Inequities
The City of Kansas City, Missouri (KC) has experienced immense growth over the last decade. However, the Covid-19 pandemic now threatens this advancement, leaving KC’s low-income and Black residents particularly vulnerable to both the economic and health fallouts of the crisis. With this in mind, City leaders have, and are,... Read more
Creating a Strategic Plan to Broaden Economic Prosperity
Kansas City has enjoyed a renewal in recent years, with billions of dollars transforming its downtown. But not all neighborhoods in the metropolitan area have benefited equally. The mayor and city leaders want to refocus economic development to be more inclusive and align these strategies with other key objectives, such... Read more
Recruiting a High Quality and Diverse Police Force to Restore Community Trust
Recruiting and retaining police officers who are representative of all communities is a major challenge for law enforcement agencies. St. Louis is no exception but has been working diligently to increase the diversity of its police officers to better reflect the demographics of the communities it serves. FUSE Executive Fellow... Read more
Building a Transportation System for the Future
Population growth, environmental concerns, and technological innovation are transforming how people get around in the city of St. Paul. To get ahead of these advances and ensure that the benefits of modern transportation are shared by all residents, the city’s Public Works department hired FUSE executive fellow Julie Sell.  Julie... Read more
Creating a More Equitable Process for Determining Bail
The incarceration rate in St. Louis is almost three times the state-wide rate in Missouri. In response to this disparity, the city set a goal of reducing the jail population by 40 percent over five years. The Department of Public Safety enlisted FUSE executive fellow Wilford Pinkney Jr. to work... Read more
Developing a Criminal Justice Coordinating Council to Advance Social Justice
To ensure the fair administration of criminal justice, St. Louis and the 22nd Judicial Circuit are working to improve communication, collaboration, and planning. To this end, FUSE Executive Fellow Debbie Allen helped operationalize and institutionalize a Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC), for which she then served as interim executive director.... Read more