Travis County, Texas’s fifth largest county, faces many climate emergencies and weather hazards. The frequency of 100-degree days has doubled in the last 40 years, and extreme rainfall, flooding, and drought risks have escalated. These climate hazards threaten all residents, particularly low-income families, older adults, and non-English speakers. The county’s rapid population growth, especially in the Austin metro area, further increases its vulnerability. Travis County has partnered with FUSE to develop a comprehensive Countywide resilience plan to address this pressing issue.

The need for this project arises from the worsening weather conditions and the absence of a comprehensive plan to mitigate their impact. Research indicates that these dangerous weather conditions will continue to worsen, jeopardizing the lives and well-being of Travis County’s residents. The most vulnerable populations, including low-income families, non-English speakers, and older adults, are disproportionately affected by climate emergencies. The project’s main goal is to address these disparities and promote racial equity within the community. The collaboration with FUSE will enable Travis County to develop a strategic resilience plan that prioritizes the safety and resilience of its residents while fostering inclusivity and equity.