Redesigning Physician Recruitment to Improve Access to Care
The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) runs the nation's second-largest municipal health system, annually caring for more than 800,000 patients. But like many cities and communities across the country, DHS is experiencing a shortage of primary care physicians. To counter this deficiency, FUSE Executive Fellow Nancy Villasenor... Read more
Designing a Strategy for Community Wi-Fi in San Jose
In San Jose, approximately 40,000 households and 95,000 people lack access to a reliable internet connection. This digital divide presents significant hurdles for underserved communities, preventing them from using the internet for crucial activities like furthering their education, developing career skills, applying for jobs, and accessing healthcare options. San Jose... Read more
Implementing the Strategic Plan for a Smart, Connected City
The Los Angeles City Bureau of Street Lighting (BSL) has taken on several smart city initiatives, such as adding new technologies—Wi-Fi, EV charging stations, sensor technologies, safety cameras, and solar panels—to street lights to enhance services for residents, improve safety and sustainability, and potentially raise revenue. To support this work,... Read more
Leveraging Technology for Efficient Government Service Delivery
Oakland’s Information Technology Department (ITD) offers advice and support to all city departments so they can better serve residents. FUSE executive fellow Jana Good developed a strategic technology plan for ITD that advances the priorities of the city, while leveraging common technology platforms to ensure holistic, integrated, and extensible solutions.... Read more
Expanding Transfer and Command Center Operations
Los Angeles County’s municipal health system is the nation’s second-largest, annually caring for 600,000 patients at 19 health centers and four hospitals. In the past, the County’s Department of Health Services (DHS) struggled to bring insured patients back from out-of-network hospitals, with 15,000 to 20,000 patients being treated in other... Read more