Kansas City, Missouri, is preparing to host the FIFA Men’s World Cup in 2026 and recognizes the importance of addressing potential human rights impacts that may arise from the tournament. The City is establishing a Human Rights Advisory Council to support this effort, which will work closely with FIFA officials. Kansas City will collaborate with FUSE to assist the council, and Executive Fellow Adam Lewis is appointed to lead the strategic framework for stakeholder engagement. Lewis will comprehensively analyze human rights issues, engage with the community, and develop recommendations and action plans to protect civil, political, social, economic, and cultural rights during the World Cup events. The goal is to create a positive hosting experience that brings lasting benefits to the residents of Kansas City.

Starting in October 2023, Lewis will conduct a landscape analysis to identify potential human rights challenges and opportunities associated with hosting the World Cup. He will focus on areas such as safety, workers’ rights, transportation, and housing. He will also facilitate community engagement, particularly with historically marginalized communities, to understand their concerns and promote collaboration in addressing potential issues. Additionally, Lewis will liaise between FIFA, the City, and the Human Rights Advisory Council, ensuring effective communication and coordination. The gathered information and community insights will be used to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that includes mitigation measures to minimize negative impacts and the creation of a Legacy Project to sustain the focus on human rights even after the tournament concludes.