Our projects encompass a broad spectrum, from enhancing childcare solutions and early education offerings to promoting STEM programs and enriching out-of-school-time activities. By collaborating with local governments, we strive to increase post-secondary enrollment and make higher education more affordable for all. With a belief that every learning phase is crucial, FUSE is committed to paving the way for comprehensive educational experiences, ensuring every individual is empowered with opportunities for lifelong growth and success.
Multiethnic group of students sitting in a library and studying together
Pathways to Citizenship
The Harris County Public Library system in Texas faces the challenge of accommodating a diverse immigrant population that makes up over one-quarter of the county's total population. To address this, the Library is partnering with FUSE to develop a strategy for expanding programming and services for immigrants, focusing on facilitating... Read more
Combating the Digital Divide by Increasing Equitable Access to Broadband Services
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed long-seated issues with connectivity in Texas, with almost 900,000 residents lacking broadband internet access across the state. In Central Texas, over 37,000 students are without the high-speed internet needed for online learning, and over 50,000 residents in Austin alone do not have use of the... Read more
Community-Centered Approaches to Expanding Birmingham’s Broadband Infrastructure
In Alabama’s Black Belt the digital divide has compounded issues related to racial discrimination, high poverty, and limited access to healthcare services. Nine counties in the Black Belt have less than 30% access to broadband, and even in Black Belt cities with established infrastructure, like Birmingham, many residents face cost... Read more
Strengthening and Expanding Out-of-School Learning Opportunities for Nashville’s Youth
Over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has interrupted the daily lives of millions of Americans, and schools and students have felt these interruptions acutely. As schools return to normalcy, students, parents, and educators must now focus on the paramount challenge of learning loss, and strategies like afterschool, summer enrichment,... Read more
Connecting Pittsburgh’s Youth to High-Paying Careers
Pittsburgh is home to many strong industries and education institutions, but the pathway to high-paying jobs for local students is not always clear. To offer guidance, the city already provides several career and technical education opportunities that prepare residents for promising careers. At Westinghouse Academy, for example, the Pittsburgh Public... Read more