Biogas plant in rural area at sunset converting organic waste into bioenergy. Concept Bioenergy, Rural Development, Sustainable Technology, Renewable Energy, Environmental Conservation
Monetizing Renewable Energy Investments
In the context of New York City's ambitious environmental goals, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is spearheading initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and divert all waste from landfills by 2030. Key among these efforts is the exploration of renewable energy and resource recovery projects within the water... Read more
Taxi phone app for cab or car ride share service. Customer waiting driver to pick up on city street. Man holding smartphone. Mobile and online booking for rideshare transportation with cellphone.
Expanding Electrified Public Transit to Connect Affordable Housing
The proposed project focuses on enhancing community resilience in Chatham County by improving transportation connectivity, particularly in historically disadvantaged areas. Chatham Area Transit (CAT) currently faces challenges in providing broad and reliable connectivity, especially in areas with the greatest needs. The SMART project aims to address this by planning and... Read more
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Improving Efficiency to Combat Climate Change
In response to the immediate climate change risks facing New York City, particularly in vulnerable communities, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness in addressing environmental challenges. The city is partnering with FUSE to implement this initiative, focusing... Read more
People support each other in a rehab session
Advancing Justice Reform Through Multimedia Storytelling
The Justice, Care, and Opportunities Department (JCOD), established by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in November 2022, represents a groundbreaking initiative in the United States. Deviating from traditional incarceration-focused approaches, JCOD aims to support justice-impacted individuals and communities through alternatives that prioritize re-entry services and community investments. Already... Read more
Workers constructing underground drain at the construction site. It is used to channel stormwater to prevent flash floods.
Addressing Flood Mitigation Through Innovative Infrastructure Design and Urban Planning
In response to the escalating impacts of climate change on Jacksonville, FL, the city has initiated a project to develop climate-resilient infrastructure design standards. With rising temperatures, increased rainfall, and coastal storms affecting vulnerable communities disproportionately, the city is partnering with FUSE to create a comprehensive Climate Resilient Design Guidelines... Read more
Building a System to Improve Customer Communication
The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is embarking on a crucial project to enhance its customer communication systems. Managing water, sewer, and wastewater facilities for millions, DEP aims to enrich the environment and protect public health. With over 835,000 accounts, the Bureau of Customer Services generates over... Read more
Piedmont Park Atlanta
Enabling Resilience Capabilities Across Atlanta
In response to the deeply rooted challenges of racial segregation, economic disparity, and limited life opportunities faced by residents in Atlanta, Mayor Andre Dickens has launched a transformative initiative to make the city the best place in the country to raise a child. Recognizing the need for immediate and direct... Read more
Los Angeles downtown view from park with urban architectures and fountain.
Updating Urban Forestry Systems
The City of Los Angeles is embarking on a project in collaboration with FUSE to evaluate and update the Urban Forestry Division (UFD) fee schedule within the Department of Public Works’ Bureau of Street Services. With the management of over 700,000 trees along 6,500 miles of public roads, the UFD... Read more
Twilight descends on the 6th Street Bridge as it passes through Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA.
Advancing Equitable and Sustainable Street Permitting
The City of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA) is collaborating with FUSE to enhance the Investigation and Enforcement Division (IED), addressing the challenge of processing a large volume of permit applications with limited resources. IED, responsible for municipal safety enforcement and environmental protection, struggles to adequately analyze the... Read more
A man in a wheelchair working on a laptop
Strategic Planning for Digital Inclusion
The City of Los Angeles aims to realize its SmartLA 2028 vision, ensuring equitable access to technology, economic opportunities, and public services. The initiative acknowledges the digital disparities prevalent in the city, particularly affecting marginalized communities. To address this, the Mayor’s Office collaborates with FUSE to develop a comprehensive Digital... Read more