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Improving Efficiency to Combat Climate Change
In response to the immediate climate change risks facing New York City, particularly in vulnerable communities, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness in addressing environmental challenges. The city is partnering with FUSE to implement this initiative, focusing... Read more
Workers constructing underground drain at the construction site. It is used to channel stormwater to prevent flash floods.
Addressing Flood Mitigation Through Innovative Infrastructure Design and Urban Planning
In response to the escalating impacts of climate change on Jacksonville, FL, the city has initiated a project to develop climate-resilient infrastructure design standards. With rising temperatures, increased rainfall, and coastal storms affecting vulnerable communities disproportionately, the city is partnering with FUSE to create a comprehensive Climate Resilient Design Guidelines... Read more
Building a System to Improve Customer Communication
The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is embarking on a crucial project to enhance its customer communication systems. Managing water, sewer, and wastewater facilities for millions, DEP aims to enrich the environment and protect public health. With over 835,000 accounts, the Bureau of Customer Services generates over... Read more
Female healthcare worker filling in a form with a senior woman during a home health visit
Healthcare Systems Addressing Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Antiracism
The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) has undertaken a transformative Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Antiracism (EDIA) Initiative in response to the recognized public health crisis of racism. The initiative, established in 2021, aims to build a fairer healthcare world for patients and staff through community engagement sessions... Read more
Doctor using computer Document Management System (DMS), online documentation database process automation to efficiently manage files
Transforming Medical Documentation to Improve Healthcare Outcomes
The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) is collaborating with FUSE on a transformative project to address burnout among healthcare providers and mitigate biases in medical documentation. Operating one of the nation's largest municipal health systems, DHS serves vulnerable populations, including incarcerated individuals and those experiencing homelessness. The... Read more
Downtown Fort Worth View from Trinity Trails
Flood Mitigation Through Land Use Planning
Fort Worth, Texas, faces challenges from rapid growth and development, resulting in the loss of 50 acres of open space each week and increased flood risks. The City has launched the Open Space Conservation Program and partnered with FUSE to analyze and benchmark riparian corridor preservation regulations to address this.... Read more
solar power station green electricity panel view
Building a Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategy
DeKalb County in Georgia is a diverse county within the Atlanta metro area, with a population exceeding 750,000 people. It is renowned for institutions like Emory University and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as its natural sites and historical landmarks. However, due to ongoing development,... Read more
Public parking with charging points for electric vehicles.
Vehicle Electrification for Health and Equity
The community of Durham aims to address the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promoting environmental justice for historically disinvested communities. By partnering with FUSE, Durham plans to develop and execute a strategic plan to equitably electrify the city's fleet and personal vehicles, focusing on expanding access to... Read more
Economic Sustainability Through Affordable Housing
Across America, the growing housing crisis is causing negative consequences for citizens, especially for low-middle income (LMI) families, resulting in a ripple effect on the economy. Kansas’s major metropolitan centers, such as Kansas City, are feeling the effects of these shortages; the already low supply of available, affordable housing continues... Read more
Building a Collaborative Approach to Resentencing
The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) operates the second largest prison system in the United States. And men and women of color in California continue to be incarcerated at higher rates than white men and women. In recent years, Californians have expressed their desire to reduce reliance on... Read more