Effective Governments For Equitable Communities

FUSE is a national nonprofit that increases the effectiveness of local governments to build more equitable communities.

We embed private sector executives in city and county agencies to lead projects that narrow racial disparities, improve public services, and accelerate systems change.

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Our work increases the efficiency and effectiveness of local government to help ensure that public services have the greatest impact.

FUSE has managed over 400 projects in 58 cities and counties across 26 states over the past 12 years.

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We Bring Together Civic Leaders, Experienced Professionals, and Engaged Philanthropists

Are you a civic leader with a vision for change who needs additional leadership to drive it forward? An experienced professional from another field with a passion for equity and an interest in a unique public service opportunity? A funder who wants to invest in the betterment of systems and communities? We would like to talk with you.

Our Partnerships Help Solve Today’s Most Urgent Problems and Build Toward a Sustainable Tomorrow

Our projects build lasting change on the ground as well as scalable models for national adoption across issue areas. We are dedicated to sharing what we learn to inspire others.