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  • Executive Talent: FUSE recruits private sector executives to consider career opportunities in public service, attracting thousands of experienced applicants every year.
  • Expedited Hiring: FUSE quickly finds the right people, hires them as nonprofit employees, and embeds them in local governments for at least one year.
  • Project Management Expertise: FUSE provides project management support and coaching to ensure our partners achieve project goals and meet community needs.
  • National Experience: FUSE has managed over 400 projects in 58 cities and counties across 26 states over the past 12 years.

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We understand local governments face unique constraints and opportunities, so we tailor our approach to your needs. By leveraging our network of top-tier professionals, we can help you accelerate innovation, enhance capacity, and drive meaningful change in economic development, health and human services, public safety, and environmental sustainability.

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